Titanium Target

                                                            Titanium target

Titanium target: purity is one of the key performance indicators  target, because a great influence on the purity of the target film  properties.

The main target performance requirements:

Purity is one of the key performance indicators target, because a great influence on the purity of the target film properties. However, in practice, to target purity requirements are not the same. For  example, with the rapid development of the microelectronics industry,  wafer size from 6 ", 8" to the development of 12 ", and the wiring width  is reduced by the 0.5um to 0.25um, 0.18um or 0.13um, the previous  target of 99.995% purity 0.35umIC meet process requirements, prepared 0.18um line to target purity is 99.999% or 99.9999%.

Target of solid impurities and pores of oxygen and water vapor is the main source of the deposited film. Target different uses for different impurities have different requirements. For example, aluminum and aluminum alloy target material used in the  semiconductor industry, alkali metal content and the content of  radioactive elements have special requirements.

In  order to reduce porosity in the solid target material, improve the  performance of the sputtered film, the target usually require a  relatively high density. Target density affects not only the sputtering rate, but also affect the electrical and optical properties of the film. The higher the density of the target, the better the properties of the film. Furthermore, raising the target density and strength so that the target can better withstand thermal stress during sputtering. Density is one of the key performance indicators of the target.
Grain size and grain size distribution

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