Titanium Sintered Porous Plate

                           Titanium sintered porous plate

Powder metallurgy porous materials known as metal powder sintered porous, microporous filter material. It consists of spherical, irregular shaped metal or alloy powder metallurgy using the new depth of the separation process by mixing, pressing, sintering, and other major aspects of production, fine filter element.

Product Features:

1, this material has a different pore size and filtration accuracy  (0.2um-80um), criss-crossing channels, high filtration separation  efficiency.

2, high temperature resistance, thermal shock. Suitable for use within a temperature range -200-1000 ℃.

3, for a variety of anti-corrosion depth separation of acid, alkali and other corrosive medium and fine filtration.

4, with a certain metal or alloy. Can absorb energy, noise, heat resistant, shockproof,
buffer, high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, strength,  toughness, and suitable for high pressure environments, and can be  welded into the simple lines of machining, easy loading and unloading.

5, hole shape stability, distribution, ensure the stability of the  filtration performance. Good performance regeneration, regeneration  after filtration performance recovery above 90%.


Solid-liquid, gas-solid, gas-liquid separation and purification of  petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, aviation, electronic, power,  pharmaceutical, environmental protection, nuclear energy, nuclear,  natural gas, refractories, fire-fighting equipment, and other fields.

Such  as: desalination, sewage treatment and transformer oil, lubricating  oil, fuel oil and other oils, organic solvents, inorganic solutions,  liquid drugs, beverages and other liquids coarse filter and fine filter;  various gases, dust steam sterilization, mist;  silencers, flame resistance, heat resistance, catalytic reaction, the  catalyst was filtered gas cushion, sweating and transpiration cooling  and manufacturing porous electrode, antifreeze devices.

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