Titanium Rod Filter

                                 Titanium rod filter

Selection of high pure titanium or titanium alloy powder irregular  processing of titanium filter element, the main applications in  separation and filtration in petrochemical, liquid drug manufacturing,  water treatment and other industries.
Filtration precision: 0.2--100um;
Length: 5 ", 10", 20 ", 30", 40 "and so on;
Diameter: 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, etc;
Interface form: flat, socket type (Type 222, Type 226, Type 227), thread, etc.


1, no particle shedding, do not pollute the liquid, in line with food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP requirements.
2, high temperature (300 ℃ wet), acid corrosion, oxidation resistance, suitable for a variety of environments.
3, low pressure drop, small footprint, flow rate, up to 0.2 MPa maximum flow.
4, good mechanical properties, can be suction pressure filtration, simple operation.
5, mechanical strength, high precision, online regeneration, easy to  clean, long service life, the normal use of more than three years.
6, good chemical stability, acid, alkali, can be used in a wide range of PH value.
7, a narrow pore size distribution, high separation efficiency.
8, anti-microbial ability, not the role of the microbes occur, can be used in medical and biological engineering

Features Titanium

1.  Low density  

2.  High strength  

3.  High operating temperature  

4.  Anti-corrosion

5.  Low temperature resistance

6.  No magnetic

7.  Small coefficient of thermal conductivity

8.  Excellent heat capacity

9.  Low coefficient of the thermal expansion  


11. Excellent Shape memory

12. Good skin compatibility

13. Hydrogen storage property  

14. Biocompatibility

15. Decorative appearance