Titanium Market Analysis

                Titanium Market analysis

The United States is the world’s largest producer of titanium and the largest consumer of titanium. More than 50% of titanium is used in the aviation industry, followed by industry and military.

work. In the production of titanium, the production of TIMET, RTI, and ATI titanium by the three largest titanium producers in the United States accounted for about 90% of the total titanium production in the United States. From

In terms of demand for titanium materials, the aerospace field requires higher quality of titanium materials. However, titanium produced in China is mainly used in the chemical industry.

The titanium materials used in these materials tend to belong to the lower-end titanium materials. From the 2017 data, 44.6% of the titanium products sold in China were sold to the chemical industry.

Only 15.7% was sold to the aerospace industry, indicating that most of the titanium products produced in China are low-end titanium materials, and high-end titanium materials account for relatively less.

According to data from the Baoji Industry Research Institute, China currently has about 30 years of gaps in titanium processing technology with the United States, Japan, and Russia, and 40% in China.

Due to the demand for titanium materials, Chinese enterprises cannot produce, and they need to be satisfied by imports. Titanium industry in China currently has two outstanding features: (1) Titanium for large aircrafts ,The material is not yet fully self-sufficient; high-end titanium products need to be purchased from abroad; (2) the production capacity of civil low-end titanium materials such as chemicals and metallurgy is substantially in excess. 

The titanium industry in the country is in a state of serious structural surplus.

On the other hand, titanium products sold to the aerospace industry in China accounted for the proportion of total sales of titanium materials in China, which increased from 10.9% in 2014 to 2017.

25.7% of the year; China's sales of titanium to the chemical industry accounted for the proportion of total sales of titanium in China, from 46.9% in 2014 to 2017.

44.6%, which to a certain extent shows that China's titanium industry has started industrial upgrading.

In general, most of China's titanium production companies are located in the low-end product positioning, product convergence, fierce competition, increased loss. in

We cannot meet the domestic demand for development of high-end products such as aerospace, marine and medical products. China's titanium industry industrial structure

Adjustment is imperative. Going to participate in the US Titanium Industry Exhibition will make significant progress in the development and progress of titanium enterprises in our province. The unity of the Department of Commerce in Shaanxi Province

Under the leadership organization, I believe that the titanium industry in Shaanxi Province will develop as soon as possible.