Titanium Industry Development Trends

            Titanium industry development trends

The United States is a large aerospace company and the largest military power in the world. In recent years, 55% of its titanium processing materials are used in aviation (including military and civil aircraft), 9% in non-aviation military, 25% in industry, and 11% in civilian use.

(1) The aviation industry is the main application field of titanium alloys. In aircraft structural design, in order to prolong the life of aircraft and increase structural efficiency and safety, large-scale titanium alloy heavy forgings, load-bearing structural parts and connecting parts are used. Titanium alloy materials are The specification goes to two poles, namely bigger, thinner, wider, and thicker.

(2) Adopt computer automatic control in the smelting, smelting, forging, rolling of titanium, and forming and heat treatment of titanium, and develop in a systematic and integrated way, reflecting the stability, consistency and production of the product. Greatly improved efficiency.

(3) Develop advanced smelting, melting, and processing technologies with the aim of improving quality or reducing costs, such as new titanium technologies such as electrolysis, electron beam or plasma beam cooling furnace smelting, rapid forging, and strip rolling Technology, powder metallurgy forming technology, etc.

(4) Develop new titanium alloys and open up new applications for titanium and titanium alloys.

(5) Titanium smelting-processing-performance-organization computer simulation.

(6) Energy conservation, consumption reduction and clean production in titanium metallurgy and processing.