Titanium And Titanium Alloy

                     Titanium and Titanium Alloy

1. To promote the application of technology and products to all walks of life:

Aerospace industry uses compressed gas trays, high pressure vessels, blades, casings, supports, landing gear, ducts, doors, tie rods and other titanium products;

Condensers, condensers, tube plates, cold oil tubes, turbine blades and other titanium products used in the power industry; used in the shipbuilding industry to manufacture pressure hulls,

Titanium materials such as structural parts, buoyancy spheres, propellers, propulsion shafts, tube pumps, etc.; titanium teeth, heart valves, diaphragms, stents used in the medical industry

Medical titanium products such as racks, bone joints and fixing screws, titanium bones, titanium surgical instruments, etc.; various titanium alloy trim materials for advanced decoration in the construction industry

Materials; titanium products used in metallurgy, electromechanical, weaponry, automotive, textile and other industries.

2. Alloy materials and other high technologies and products:

Sponge titanium preparation technology, corrosion resistant titanium alloys, high temperature titanium alloys, high strength and high toughness titanium alloys, functional and medical titanium alloys, powder metallurgy titanium alloys,

Coating technology, special processing technology, titanium matrix composites, titanium welding technology, various zirconium and hafnium technologies, etc.

3. Basic material products:

Titanium ore, sponge titanium, titanium powder, plate, bar, wire, cake, ring, pipe, strip, foil, capillary, all kinds of zirconium

4. Used in various industries titanium products:

Titanium products for aviation and aerospace, titanium products for the chemical industry, titanium products for the petrochemical industry, and titanium products for the metallurgical industry, for the power industry

Titanium Products, Titanium Products for Ships, Shipbuilding, Titanium Products for Desalination, Titanium Products for Military Use, Titanium Products for Medical Devices, Automobile Manufacturing

Titanium Products, Titanium Products for Light Industry, Various Titanium Alloy Decorative Materials for Advanced Decoration in Buildings, Coated Products, Titanium Alloy Parts, Titanium

Pump valves, sports leisure and craftwork products, titanium products for daily use, titanium products for outdoor use, handicrafts, etc.

5. Product production technology and equipment:

Mineral processing equipment, metallurgical equipment, casting equipment, processing equipment (heating, casting, forging, extrusion, rolling, stretching, straightening, cutting,

Welding, etc.), special processing equipment, 3D printing technology and laser molding equipment, instrumentation, etc.