Titanium Alloy

                                     Titanium alloy

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Titanium alloy is a titanium-based join other elements of the alloy. There are two allomorphs titanium: Titanium is allotrope, a melting point of 1720 ℃, showed a close-packed hexagonal lattice structure called α titanium below 882 ℃; above 882 ℃ was body-centered cubic character structure, known as titanium β. The use of titanium in the different characteristics of the two structures, add the appropriate alloying elements, so that the phase transition temperature and the relative content of different tissues obtained by gradually changing the titanium (itaniumalloys). 1950s and 1960s, mainly high temperature titanium alloy development and airframe structural titanium alloys used in aerospace engines, 1970s, developed a number of corrosion resistant alloy, since the 1980s, high-strength titanium and titanium alloy corrosion further development of. Titanium is mainly used for the production of aircraft engine compressor components, followed by structures rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft.