Characteristics Of TA2 Titanium Plate And Titanium Plate

          Characteristics of TA2 titanium plate and titanium plate

1. Titanium plate is the surface oxide film is in a good durability with separation agent, using titanium plate save separating agent, the plate is easy to peel off, exempted from the plate pretreatment process, the titanium plate than copper plate to half light.

2. titanium plate life is more than 3 times of the copper plate, according to the operating conditions of up to 20 to 10 years

3. the electrolytic copper produced by the titanium board is compact, and the surface is smooth and the quality is excellent.

4. as a result of the titanium board does not need to apply the separation agent, thus can avoid the pollution of copper electrolyte.

5. increase production capacity to reduce the production cost of electrolytic copper, and thus have better economic benefits.