About The Export Of Titanium And Professional Knowledge Of Learning

Today is on May 26, 2016, city business bureau joint province department of commerce, provincial departments, internal revenue service, customs in xian, shaanxi entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau, the state administration of foreign exchange in shaanxi branch, cross-border shaanxi branch office, the people's bank of China's export credit insurance company shanxi branch, shaanxi integrated service platform of foreign trade and economic cooperation co., LTD. Baoji turbine hotel to develop foreign trade business training and policy to preach.Content including export issues related to joint training, to further improve the development of foreign trade of baoji.

Through the study, we know we know too little on exports, especially to some large list, how to coordinate the payment.
Also has added more understand for customs drawback, and drawback of special need to pay attention to some problems.
In learning, and also know each other a lot of work in the foreign trade counterparts, we communicate with each other, exchange business CARDS.

Titanium, professional knowledge is very important!Thank you very much everyone learning organization.